Knight Residential Services is always hiring!

One of the problems with providing exceptional work in a broad range of services is that almost all of our clients refer their friends and call us back for future projects.  That means each month we have more business than we had the month before and to maintain the quality of our work we either have to grow constantly or turn customers away.   Of course we hate turning customers away so if you’re a skilled tradesmen (or women) who’s looking for additional work or a new position we’d love to speak with you. 

Please call us at (407) 357-0500, email us at, or complete the form on the right to learn more.

Required Skills:  Honesty, integrity, good customer service skills and a strong commitment to providing excellent work.   If you lack any of those traits then please don’t waste either of our time. 

Desired skills: Handyman skills, plumbers or basic plumbing skills, electricians or basic electrical skills, flooring professionals, carpenters or carpentry professionals, HVAC professionals, landscapers, soffit and fascia professionals, masonry professionals, appliance repair professionals, cleaners, pressure washers, re-finishers, remodelers, drywall professionals, painters, any and all professional contractors, tradesmen, journeymen or general laborers looking to learn a long term trade.   Bottom line, if you have any skills that would help home owners repair, maintain, upgrade or remodel their property we probably have work for you.

What we offer:  As a small, locally owned business Knight Residential Services has the flexibility to offer a variety of opportunities ranging from part time side work to a long term full time careers.  Depending on your needs we can pay an above average hourly wage or pay you by the job.  We can offer you the flexibility to work when you want and in the areas you want.  We have plenty of clients who need services on weekends and evenings and others who would like to see work completed during normal business hours.   As a result we can accommodate other jobs, children, personal responsibilities and other commitments.  The biggest thing we offer is integrity.  That means never having to worry about getting paid fairly and as agreed.  We have plenty of business and if you have the required skills listed above we can probably find an employment scenario that makes sense for everyone involved.   

If you currently run a small business or are looking to start one we would love to speak with you. Knight Residential Services can empower you to focus on what you do best resulting in more money and success than running a business on your own.  There’s no downside to discussing it!     

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