Knight Residential Services is proud to show you honest pictures of real work completed for actual customers.  We’d love to show you a huge portfolio of pinterest worthy photos but we think keeping our services affordable is more important than using professional photographers and editors.  Of course honesty is a big part of everything we do so why should our pictures be any different?

Here’s  an HDTV we recently mounted for a client.  Of course it’s perfectly straight, perfectly level, perfectly angled and positioned exactly where the owner wanted it.  We love the lack of cables. 

Knight Residential Services makes installing window blinds fast and affordable!

We probably shouldn’t post this yet but we’re so excited we couldn’t wait.  This is the design for a new closet organizer we designed for a client.  The client calls it a “California Closet” but there are a lot of companies who market similar designs.  Our client had already called all of the biggest companies in the designer closet industry and everyone told her that the closet she wanted would cost far more than she had budgeted for the project.  Knight Residential Services partnered with a master carpenter to design a hand built closet system using the same quality materials as the bigger companies along with even higher level of craftsmanship to create a superior closet at a far lower price.  We were so amazed with the cost savings that we’re trying to convince the carpenter to join us full time!  If the client agrees we’ll post finished pictures as soon as the closet is installed.  But feel free to contact us about designer closets and we’ll get our carpenter started on your closet right away.

Here are a couple of shelves we recently installed for a client.  Shelving is a great way to add storage and organization to any room and Knight Residential Services can build and/or install almost any kind of shelving you can imagine. 

Here’s before and after photos of a refrigerator door handle that a client needed repaired.    Did you know that Knight Residential Services can repair most household appliances and charges less than most appliance repair companies?

Why pay a big home improvement company rates to install your new ceiling fan when Knight Resident Services is faster, more convenient and more affordable?  Did we mention that we’re fully licensed and insured?  Did we mention that we’re happy to work on your other home maintenance, repair or remodeling projects while we’re there?